Design showcase at Kensington Street

This Sunday, Chippendale’s will launch Kensington Street Food, Alfresco Art and Design, a free design event co-curated by the Chippendale Creative Precinct’s (CCP) Kensington Contemporary and LOCAL DESIGN founder Emma Elizabeth and industrial designer Tom Fereday.


Contemporary artisans, galleries and creative institutions will collaborate to produce a collaborative installation, in an upcycled modular landscape to span 50 metres of Kensington Street.

This will coincide with Sydney Open, a city­wide Sydney Living Museums initiative to explore the history behind our most secretive buildings. Architects Tim Greer and Paul Davies will peel back the layers of Kensington Street and reveal the stories that hide behind these terrace facades.

Where: Kensington Street, Chippendale
When: Sunday 1 November, 11:00am to 6:00pm

Local Design

Hero Image: Ceramic by Susan Robey


Jo Wood Bowl


Tracy Luff Sculpture

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